REBO #DownUnderChallenge: How to do a tweener against a wall

January 15, 2020

Up for taking on our REBO Down Under Challenge – but wondering how to pull off a tweener?

It might take a bit of practice but do it, and you’ll be on top of the world.

Whether you’re starting out, have found your feet, or want to stretch yourself, it’s time to let loose and embrace your inner Kyrgios. 

Here’s how to do a tweener against a wall…


Face the wall and drop the ball directly in front of you. Let it bounce and hit the ball “down under” through your legs. Continue rallying on the wall, if you can! 


Hit the ball against the wall. Let it bounce and – facing the wall – hit the ball “down under” between your legs and continue rallying. 


Hit the ball into the ground close to the wall so the rebound is a high, long arc and then quickly chase it back and – facing away from the wall – hit a tweener “down under” through your legs.

It might take you a couple of tries but practice. The wall won’t give up on you – and neither will we. The rush when you get it will be worth it. ?

Up  a challenge?

Make sure to film your shots and take part in the REBO Down Under Challenge – and be in with the chance of winning awesome prizes including a HEAD Graphene Touch Radical PRO Racquet, HEAD Zepp Sensor and Limited Edition REBOlution T-Shirts! 

Find out how you can get involved here: 

(You’ll also find terms and conditions there too.)

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