Reviews for REBO walls

100,000s of people in 25 countries around the world are using REBO walls. Hear what they have to say.

Playing against a Rebo Wall is so good

Particularly because the surface resembles a padel court. There’s target practice, a net line to work with, it’s brilliant for activating your legs, a great way to get your eye in…and to practise your reactions, too. It’s the perfect warm-up wall for padel.”

Sam Jones, Great Britain Men’s Padel No.2

Essential for safe practice at home

It looks amazing! We’re having great fun with our ‘Pro’ REBO wall and it’s been essential for safe tennis and football practice at home with our sons.

Private client. Greece.

Huge improvement in my game

I play tennis competitively and enter tournaments on a regular basis. Having the REBO wall at the club has allowed me to improve and perfect my technique within a very short period of time. I can already see a huge improvement in my game.

Private client. USA.

An asset that will pay dividends

The feedback from our members has been endless with overwhelming support.

Our REBO wall has encouraged many people to simply go down to the courts on their own. The coaching team are incorporating the wall into their coaching programs. It is a great way in which to build up your skills, stamina and most importantly it is a lot of fun whether hitting on your own or with a partner.

We would definitely endorse any tennis club to invest in a ‘Pro’ REBO wall as it is truly an asset that will pay dividends long term.

Nelson Tennis Club. New Zealand.

Loads of use. We love it

We purchased a ‘Pro’ REBO wall for our court at home at the start of lockdown and it’s had loads of use by us, and now by friends and family! We love it!

Private client. UK.

The perfect practice partner

I’m thrilled to be teaming up with REBO. With a ‘Speed’ REBO wall you can play wherever, whenever you want. REBO wall is the perfect practice partner!

Judy Murray OBE.

20% increase in members and return on investment in less than a year

Since we installed the ‘Pro’ REBO wall we have seen a 20% increase in membership and a £16,200 return in a year.

Brentham LTC. UK.

Great success. Presents us as leaders

We’ve had a great success with the ‘Speed’ REBO walls. Our staff them to make lessons more fun, active and creative; the players are seeing improvement in their coordination, reaction and footwork; and it presents our programme as professional tennis leaders in the eyes of parents. They’re a great tool for everyone with a stake in ZSC Academy.

Zayed Sports City. UAE.

Inspired to put in the work

Our kids love the REBO wall. Brilliant netball session with Sasha Corbin – thank you! They’re inspired to put the work in at home and now have the means to do it without having to wait for a partner!

Private client. UK.

Booked Solidly

We’re delighted with the REBO wall at our club. It’s a great draw for new members – and since the outbreak it has been booked solidly a week in advance.

The Edgbaston Priory Club. UK.

Increase in public participation

School children, young people and adults have all been using the ‘Legacy’ REBO wall since its installation and the feedback has been exceptionally positive. We’ve seen an increase in public participation whilst local schools and coaches have been holding sessions using the REBO wall.

Trafford Council. UK.