REBO at the Riviera Country Club, California

September 12, 2017

Ever met someone that just ‘gets it’? Someone that truly understands all aspects of growing the game and making tennis fun for everyone no matter their age or ability. That someone with energy felt around the club, not just on their court. Well, we had that experience at the Riviera Country Club, California with Mary Pat.

Tennis entrepreneur, published author and 2011 USPTA Tennis Pro of the Year, Mary Pat spent endless hours practicing against a wall growing up, perfecting her technique and teaching herself new ways to train on her own. Whether it was the garage door or the side of the house, wherever there was a wall there was an opportunity to play. Racket in hand Mary Pat would go out and play until it was dark and therefore loved the REBO wall.

We had a fantastic day at the prestigious club entertaining the members with team drills and free-play sessions against the wall and it was quick to see why the members feel so lucky to have Mary Pat as their coach. We had families come down and learn together and help integrate new members in to the club.

We hope to see you soon Mary Pat!

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