REBO and HEAD extend global licensing partnership

February 20, 2020

Here’s some official REBOlution news for you…! 📣 REBO wall and leading global sports brand HEAD Sport GmbH have announced that we’re continuing our relationship and extended a multi-year global licensing partnership.

REBO has done a great job increasing grassroots activity for tennis, padel and pickleball sports. That is why we are looking forward to continue our partnership to see more HEAD REBO walls across the world supporting adults and kids being more active and bringing them closer to our beloved sports,” said Giuseppe Faranna, Vice President and Division Manager Licensing at HEAD.

Since our launch in 2014, REBO wall has encouraged tens of thousands of people to try, play and practice ball sports with our range of multi-sport practice walls including the popular co-branded HEAD ‘Speed’ REBO walls.

Designed to learn, practice and play tennis, soccer and most ball sports, REBO walls are ideal for non-traditional spaces where you might not normally find a court, coach or club – as well as a powerful coaching tool.

The REBOlution – and our exciting future…

REBO walls can now be found in homes, schools, public spaces and sports clubs – and even on a super yacht – in countries around the world from the UK to USA, UAE, China and New Zealand.

We’re now building on our success by entering new markets, expanding our global distribution network and developing digital technology to connect users around the world.

Judy Murray, Nick Bollettieri and Sven Groeneveld on a common mission

With our strong drive to make a positive social impact, REBO has united like-minded organisations and leading sporting figures such as Judy Murray, Nick Bollettieri and Sven Groeneveld on a common mission to get more people active, building confidence and engaged in sport – which feeds into more traditional classes, coaching and club membership.

Doorstep opportunities connected to a global community

“REBO walls are such a simple idea that have the ability to democratise fitness,” said REBO’s Founder and CEO, Adrian Hutchins. “A lot of people are intimidated by classes and clubs – or simply don’t have the time. We’re creating doorstep opportunities for children and adults to play on their own time without the need for a partner – yet we’re building and connecting a global community who are discovering the power of a practice wall to get started, get fit or get the edge.”

Discover what you could do with a HEAD ‘Speed’ REBO wall

Kids at Tennis Plus Camp have fun on HEAD Speed REBO wall – hitting tweeners as part of the REBO #DownUnderChallenge!

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