Nelson Lawn Tennis Club gets the first REBO wall in New Zealand!

February 26, 2020

The REBOlution has officially landed in New Zealand 🇳🇿 – with the Nelson Lawn Tennis Club leading the way with their 5m ‘Pro’ REBO wall! Adult and junior members (and the coaches) are loving their new REBO wall…   

Here’s what they had to say: 

“Nearly 12 months ago Nelson Lawns embarked on the journey of introducing a volley wall into the club, starting with an extensive fund raising activity. Initially it was intended to install a concrete wall but for many reasons which I will not go into, this all became too hard and not necessarily a very viable option. We were then introduced to the ‘Pro’ REBO wall concept and loved what we saw and immediately we set forth to secure one for our club.

Since the installation of the wall nearly a month ago, the feedback from our members has been endless with overwhelming support.

It has encouraged many people to simply go down to the courts on their own, whereas previously they have always relied on having to find a partner to hit against. Our coaching team are incorporating the wall into their coaching programs and using it to not only train children to have the ability to consistently hit the ball in one spot but it also encourages engagement from everyone during the sessions; in other words there is no down time. It is a great way in which to build up your stamina and most importantly it is a lot of fun whether hitting on your own or with a partner.

We would definitely endorse any tennis club to invest in a ‘Pro’ REBO wall as it is truly an asset that will pay dividends long term ”

And it wasn’t long before they were getting involved with the REBO #DownUnderChallenge – with junior members practicing their tweeners!

Welcome to the REBOlution everyone at Nelson Lawn Tennis Club! Great to have you. 😎✊

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