More than just a wall!

May 22, 2018

The ‘Speed’ REBO  wall is more than just an inflatable backboard.  My introduction to REBO was through a quick video I saw online of Abbie and a junior tennis player.  Intrigued, I watched more of their REBO coaching videos and decided quickly I had to have one.  Not because we needed a hitting wall at my club but because I instantly saw all the potential uses the ‘Speed’ wall would provide our program and players as a coaching tool.

The truth is, our club has a hitting wall but it’s on court 3 and I do most of my teaching on court 1 and even if I moved my lesson to court 3 I was limited in how I could use it.  The portability and simplicity of the ‘Speed’ wall allows me the freedom to use it anywhere and everywhere on, around or off the court.  The flexibility and that I could use it in all my groups were key elements which hooked me.

From there my creativity took over and I found more and more developmental activities for our players of all ages and levels to do against the wall – there are endless games and fun for the kids!

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