Grips Tennis takes on the REBO wall

September 17, 2017

The Grips Program was launched in Southern California and following positive feedback from players, coaches and parents it was soon rolled out nationwide! The program was developed with the core belief that players must develop and master a comprehensive skill set progressing from the first time they pick up a tennis racket. We were met by co-founder of Grips, Aaron Fox. Aaron has been involved in tennis his entire life and has been teaching the game full time for over 12 years. He held US national and ITF rankings throughout his junior career and was Pennsylvania State Doubles Champion to name a few accolades. His passion was evident on court as he captured the attention of a boisterous group of eager players with fun games and drills that kept everyone involved and moving.

The #YOUvsWALL challenge was a favourite and was eventually won with a highest score of 301! Congrats Mia – you rock!

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