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UK: +44 (0) 20 3858 0322 USA: 888-409-4139

The REBOlution

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The Benefits

Quick & Easy Installation
Realistic ball trajectory
Practice on your own
Hit over 2000 shots/hour
Practice every shot
Endorsed by professionals
Cost Effective
REBO team deliver & install in only half a day without any disruption or groundworks required
REBO wall's angled face creates a realistic 'arc' to the rebounded ball
No need to find a partner or court to play
Compared to 150/hour during a match or 500/hour using a ball machine
The flight of the ball is consistent - something a hitting partner cannot achieve
Groundstrokes, volleys, half volleys, serves, smashes and ball control can all be practiced individually or with others.
Improve your fitness & burn over 500 calories per hour
Coaches can demonstrate technique while standing next to their student
Judy Murray, Leon Smith, Mark Petchey
REBO™ walls are cheaper than a brick wall starting at £995 for inflatable ‘Speed’ REBO wall and £5950 for ‘Wimbledon’ REBO wall
Coaching tips, lesson plans and fun games from the REBO Coaches and our team of ambassadors to ensure you get the most out of your REBO wall
Can be de-mounted & re-sited if required leaving no ground scarring
Available in a range of cool and colourful designs and sizes. Bespoke walls available subject to minimum order.
Superstars like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Pete Sampras, Monica Seles, Venus Williams & Martina Navratilova all grew up playing against a wall

Create New Income Streams

Clubs, coaches and community centres can generate new sources of income by using a REBO wall to develop innovative sessions and attract new members, for example:

'YOU vs WALL' prizes

e.g. charge £2.50 to enter, twice a month and only 50 entries would generate:

£250 per month

Cardio-REBO tennis

£10/hour with a maximum of 8 people, twice a week would generate:

£640 per month

Group REBO coaching

£10/hour with a maximum of 8 people, twice a week would generate:

£640 per month

Parent & toddler sessions

£5/child, with a maximum of 8 children twice a week would generate:

£320 per month

Individual REBO coaching

The REBO wall can be charged at £20/hour with only 8 bookings would generate:

£160 per month

Welcome back to tennis sessions

£10/hour with a maximum of 8 people, twice a week would generate:

£640 per month

Total potential extra income:


For more coaching drills and ideas on how to use your REBO wall visit REBO Coaching