Like any good invention, the REBO wall was born out of necessity. Looking for a free-standing, easy to install, adjustable angled-faced practice wall for his tennis club, tennis coach & entrepreneur Adrian Hutchins realised his best bet was to invent one and so, in 2013, he designed the REBO wall & founded the company. REBO is now taking all sports into non-traditional environments and changing the way children and adults learn to play sport. 

What is the REBOlution?

The REBOlution is linking people from all over the world through the provision of high quality, unique sporting opportunities. Whether learning to hit, kick or throw for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro, REBO has something for everyone.

REBO has a dual mission firstly to engage at a local level by providing doorstep opportunities to more people in all areas of the country and secondly to create a worldwide community that learns as one, shares in their activity and together participates in an active lifestyle.

What have we done so far?

With over 150 walls worldwide REBO understands the importance of each customers needs and values and provides a professional service that is tailored to every individual, creating unique expericence for everyone. REBO walls are perfect for non-traditional environments giving people from all cultures, demographics and backgrounds the opportunity to learn and play in a safe, inclusive way.

REBO world

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