Rejuvenate your community

REBO hubs are desirable destinations, set within the heart of communities, where everyone is welcome to come together to learn and play. These spaces are fully customisable so every install is fully unique. We provide a combination of the highest quality REBO products and sports equipment to bring new opportunities to get fit. 

Get involved!

REBO wants everyone to have the equal chance of learning sport without needing an expensive membership, long travel times or expensive coaching. With REBO you can improve your skills by following our REBO coaching drills, challenge each other in our YOUvsWALL challenge and track your personal progress. We are on a mission to re-energise and reconnect like minded people from all over the world to have fit and get fit together. 

Bespoke solutions

We provide a professional service that works closely with you to understand your every need. From the equipment you choose alongside your REBO wall to the colourful unique artwork we are here to make it suitable and exciting for you. 

One of the benefits of REBO hubs is that we continue to engage with community leaders and those that want to learn more by setting up onsite training sessions to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle. These sessions can be aimed at local schools, community groups or open to the public and incorporate various sports.

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