Learn from the pros

Get the most out of your REBO wall with our top REBO coaching tips! We have put together a series of videos showing you how to sharpen up technique, learn new sports and most importantly, get active! Whether it’s the first time you’ve trained against a wall, or you’re a seasoned pro, we’ve got you covered! 

Football drills

Sharpen up your skills and get fit!

Padel tennis drills

Try out Padel tennis – a great way to get active!

Footwork drills

Test your footwork and have a fun work out!

Throwing & catching drills

Work on co-ordination skills with REBO and learn to throw and catch at the same time!

Racket Sports

Perfect drills for all racket sports!


Balance is key in all sports – improve faster using REBO walls!  

Reaction Drills

Get fitter using REBO walls – train like a pro! 

Non-dominant hand drills

Challenge yourself to give these drills a go! 

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