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UK: +44 (0) 20 3858 0322 USA: 888-409-4139

‘Speed’ REBO wall

The inflatable ‘Speed’ REBO wall can be set up in a matter of minutes creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to give sport a go!

Whether it is your first time kicking, hitting or throwing a ball the consistent rebound will make it an easier task for all! The ‘Speed’ comes in a variety of colourful designs with the option to design your own. The option to create a bespoke design is perfect for advertising events, promotions and sponsorship, or why not run competition and the best entry wins!

The ‘Speed’ REBO wall is currently being used by the Tennis Foundation, Judy Murray’s ‘Tennis on the Road’ and ‘Miss-Hits’ initiatives, Tennis Scotland and Loughborough University, as well as by other tennis facilities and national associations to engage with kids and beginners, giving them a chance to try, enjoy and experience success in a fun environment.

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Folding the products for delivery may cause slight creasing which is reduced when product is inflated. In the event of high winds do not use this product.
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