‘Pro’ REBO wall

  • 19 Nov
  • 1 min read

The wall is made from weatherproof, prefabricated sections, that consist of a high density sound-insulation core between two UV resistant coated steel sheet layers.

The wall’s innovative design means it simply bolts together and is secured firmly to upright posts, without the need for any disruptive ground works. The wall can be de-mounted and re-sited if required and comes in a variety of sizes to suit any space.

The ‘Wimbledon’ Pro REBO wall version is covered in high quality astroturf that quietens the impact of a ball without effecting the playability allowing you to ‘play on grass!’. The ‘Bespoke’ Pro REBO wall has a laminated surface so that you can customise the printed design on the front. You can therefore add any colour, drawing or logo to the wall.

Prices exclude VAT. Free delivery within 100 miles of M25, other prices may vary – call for details. Installation costs may apply. Contact us for international orders. REBO does not cover import duties.

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