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UK: +44 (0) 20 3858 0322 USA: 888-409-4139

Our Mission

To start a ‘REBOlution’, taking tennis and football into non-traditional environments & encourage community participation in an active lifestyle, by providing an innovative combination of equipment, training and on-going support to learn and play sport for free.

How it all began

It is well documented that tennis players Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, Venus Williams and Martina Navratilova all grew up playing against practice walls and that training in this way is great for development because, unlike with a hitting partner, every ball is always returned. In football too, a practice wall is a great way to hone your skills with Sir Geoff Hurst MBE, Glen Hoddle, Diego Maradona, Pelé and Paul Pogba all having referenced the importance a wall played in their development.

Like any good invention, the REBO wall was born out of necessity. Looking for a free-standing, easy to install, adjustable angled-faced practice wall for his tennis club, tennis coach & entrepreneur Adrian Hutchins realised his best bet was to invent one and so, in 2013, he designed the REBO wall & founded the company. REBO is now taking tennis into non-traditional environments & changing the way children & adults learn and play the sport.

What is a REBO wall?

A REBO wall is a high quality free-standing rebound practice wall for ball sports. With its unique angled face (patent pending) it creates a realistic upward ball trajectory and a natural flight to the rebounded ball – which is completely different to a traditional brick wall.

REBO walls are versatile, multi-functional, quick and easy to install and can be de-mounted and re-sited if ever required. They are ideal for non-traditional spaces without tennis courts or football pitches, which are bringing new opportunities to play sport into the heart of communities - no club membership, no expensive equipment and no court or pitch is required.

There are a range of REBO walls available to suit every space and the walls come in a variety of sizes, colours and innovative designs making them a cool addition to any venue.

Where REBO wall can be used

Community Centres

Social spaces are reinvigorated with a REBO wall, enabling communities to get involved in playing, learning and getting fit together.

School Playgrounds

An easy way for schools to teach and play tennis without needing full sized courts.


A REBO wall enables people to learn and practice without having to join a club and the ability to practice and play for free.

Tennis Clubs

An essential facility for clubs and great for practicing on your own, for coaching and for fitness sessions.

Gardens or Driveways

If a tennis court at home is impossible then a REBO wall means you can play and practice on your own and whenever you want.

University Campus

Students get to play tennis where full sized tennis courts are impractical. Leagues will be created across the UK, with students and Universities competing against each other.

Business Spaces

Play tennis or football games in any area. If your company is looking for something new and exciting then get a REBO wall.

Football Clubs

Beckham, Pele and Maradonna regularly used a wall - so every football club should have one.

Who uses REBO wall